Monday 18 February 2013

Scratch - Abattoir Game (keep the horses out)

I've been trying my hand at Scratch, I wanted to see if I could transition myself as a traditional programmer to it.  Learning how Scratch was structured was probably the biggest challenge, but once I put the structure in my own language (I now call sprites objects in my head), I got on pretty quickly.

I decided to write a simple game, I fancied something which was topical and, I realise now, being slightly sick, I came up with "Abattoir", the concept of the game is "You get points for getting cows in the mincer and loose a life for every horse that 'accidentally' gets in", if this doesn't celebrate the horse meat scandal I don't know what does.

The controls are pretty simple, click the green flag to start, the red circle to stop and press [space] to open and close the mincer.  Leave it open for the cows which fall off the conveyor and close it for the horses.

To play the game and download the complete code and project,

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