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I've had a great experience with the Raspberry Pi, these are my Pi blogs:

Tips and Tutorials
Run program at start-up - do you need to run a command at start-up of your raspberry pi?

Setting static IP address - giving your pi a static IP address

Connecting a NAS drive at startup - get more disk space for your Pi by connecting it to you NAS or Windows Share

Installing get_iplayer - downloading from BBC iPlayer

Setting up and running get_iplayer - more information about how I setup get_iplayer

Access your Pi from the internet - sign up and install no-ip.com client on the raspberry pi

XBMC / Raspbmc buffering - I was having problems with XBMC and Raspbmc buffering when streaming from my NAS

Use the Pi as a VPN server - setup the Pi, so you can use it as a VPN server to gain secure access to your internal network

Installing Python modules - how to install additional python modules

Automatic backups of the Pi's SD Card - I needed a way of automatically backing up my Raspberry Pi, it is now a scheduled job each Monday at 2:30am

Timelapse Video with Raspberry Pi Camera - how to use the Pi and its Camera to create timelapse video's 

Raspbmc - Setup Live TV / PVR - how to setup your raspberry pi and raspbmc to use a USB TV tuner

Compile Raspberry Pi Userland / Raspistill, Raspivid - how to compile the raspberry pi foundation's userland code repository which contains raspivid and raspivid

Setup Minecraft Server - my 'recipe' for setting up a minecraft server on a raspberry pi

Setup Temp Sensor - how to setup a DS18B20 temperature sensor and read data from it using python

Using PiCamera - a quick introduction to PiCamera python module and how to control the camera in code

Setup an Accelerometer - hot to setup a ADXL345 accelerometer and read data from it using python

Creating a RSS xml file (podcast) using Python - my first python program, which creates an RSS xml file based on the contents on a directory

Create a podcast from iPlayer downloads - my first project which uses the Pi to create and host a podcast of iPlayer downloads

Minecraft Pi - how to installed Minecraft for the Pi, tutorials on how to use the api and a load of examples of things I have done with the API, perhaps a massive clock, a programmable cannon or the game of snake.

Get your Pi to 'speak' your twitter feed - using twitter streaming and text to speech, your Pi can recite your twitter feed in real-time

Getting an LED to flash - my first attempt at controlling stuff through the gpio

gpioRap - a python class wrapper to simplify the interaction with the GPIO

A GPIO Game - how many times can you press a button in 2 seconds...  Your result comes up in binary!

Google Drive and Grive - using grive to synchronise data with Google Drive

Reading Car Diagnostics Data (OBD2) - using the Pi and an on-board diagnostics USB reader to 'talk' to my car

Car Cam overlaid with OBD data - using the Pi camera as a dashboard cam and then overlaying mph, rpm, temperature and throttle position over the video

Syncing data with raspivid video - it was really hard to sync data to video taken with raspivid so I modified raspivid to output frame count in real-time

Run raspivid in Python - a python class I created to control the running and shutdown of raspivid in Python

Setup a GPS receiver and read the data - how to setup a GPS receiver and a python class to control it

Car Cam overlaid with GPS data - gathering GPS data and video and then overlaying a GPS created map on to the video

Halloween Pumpkin & Raspberry Pi - I made my lad a scary pumpkin which made sounds and lit up, it made him cry :( the local children loved it tho.

Random things I found out!
First time setup - getting started with the Raspberry Pi debian and raspbian distro's

Update firmware and kernel - I was experiencing problems with the pi dying with a kernel panic error so I used rpi-update the firmware and kernel

Installing Lighttpd - fixing an error when installing using apt-get

Lighttpd RSS Mime Type - problems getting RSS (podcast) mime types working with Raspbian


  1. Hi Martin- I enjoy your projects and share them with my 13 yr old. Was looking into trying to stream netflix with the Pi, but everyone says it isn't possible (no linux suport from netflix). But then I thought, if anyone could figure it out, it is you!

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence but sorry without netflix changing their service its always going to be a workaround.

  2. do you know of a way of accessing my external hard drives remotely while on vacation using the rpi? secure?

    1. There are several, if it was me, I would create a samba share and setup a VPN connection, see http://www.stuffaboutcode.com/2012/08/raspberry-pi-use-as-vpn-server.html. You could also use FTP.

  3. Loved your tutorials on minecraft pi edition, looking forward to when they update mcpi, and add survival mode :D

  4. Martin,

    Are you aware of the issue with the latest build of the DHCPCD5 client where despite setting a static address the interface still grabs a lease from a DHCP server? This means that the interface holds two addresses. Flushing the DHCP lease cache does nothing and the only way to resolve the issue is to:

    1. Shutdown the DHCP server at bootstrap time
    2. Remove the DHCPCD5 client

    Interesting thing is that the implementation in the Debian kernel doesn't have the same issue.

    Just wondered if you'd seen this too.

    Others have seen the same: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=111709

  5. Hello Martin,
    I have a few question about our raspberry pi, and you seem to do a lot with them. If you could email me that would be great. My email is mikelaw@monitorproductions.com

    thank you for your time.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Mike Law

  6. Hej Martin,

    I and my 8 years old bought Minecraft Disc for PS4 console but we don't have any "Minecraft userID" as in your book. I am wondering if I have to buy the game again to my Macbook in order to program project in your book? Thanks!


    1. Unfortunately there is no way of programming or modding the console versions of Minecraft. Adventures in Minecraft works with the Raspberry Pi, Windows PC or Apple Mac versions of Minecraft.

  7. great place for RPi beginners. Keep posting !

  8. Hi Martin, Really enjoy reading your Blog. I am trying to work out how to tweet what song i am listening on my Rpi using Python. Any pointers you can give me would be much appreciated.

    1. I would need a bit more information. How are you planning on playing music on your Pi? Through something like volumio are creating your own player? Sending a tweet is relatively easy, have a look at the python library, Twython, https://twython.readthedocs.io/en/latest/.

  9. Thanks for replying. I am using Volumio at the moment. I did create a Python script that tweeted the song that was playing but I was stumped at getting it to run every time the track changed. I tried using cron to make it run every 10 mins but Volumio wont let me install cron. Totally messes up everything.

    1. Rather than scheduling your program to run, why not have your program run all the time, checking what song is playing every few seconds and if the track name has changed, tweet it.


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