Monday, 1 April 2013

Minecraft: Pi Edition - Manhattan Island

How about a stroll around Manhattan?  Well a stroll around Manhattan in Minecraft, perhaps admire the Empire State Building or the pay $25 to take in the view from the "top of the rock"?

Empire State Building
View from "Top of the Rock"
I decided to see how much I could push the program I wrote which uses the API in the Pi edition of Minecraft to render 3d models in the Minecraft World.  It turns out I could push it a LOT, I fancied creating a city scene, and is any more dramatic than New York, Manhattan Island.

I found a Google sketchup model of Manhattan and using OBJexporter, exported the model to an OBJ file.

Sketchup 3d model of Manhattan
To give a scale of how massive this model is, previously the most complicated model I had produced in Minecraft was of a girls head, that took about 3 minutes to render, this took 1 hour 25 minutes, and that was after I had already cleared a suitably large area!  The Pi took it all in its stride though and while it took a long time, there were no errors or glitches.

The model is pre 9/11, so the iconic Twin Towers still dominate the skyline.

Iconic buildings
Download and run
I have updated my program to include the new york model, which you can download direct from git-hub, so run minecraft, open/create a world and follow the instructions:

sudo apt-get install git-core
cd ~
git clone
cd minecraft-renderObj

If you want to know more about how this works and have a go yourself, head to this post,

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