Adventures in Minecraft

Adventures in Minecraft is a book written especially for 11 - 15 year-olds which will teach you new programming skills while having fun with Minecraft.  You will learn how to create your own mods, utilities and games.  Written by myself, Martin O'Hanlon and David Whale, its a fun way to not only get into programming but also learn how to do amazing things with Minecraft.  Be sure to check out the companion website which has got loads of extra's and video tutorials.


Adventures in Minecraft is available from all good book stores including:
Starter Kits
To get started with Adventures in Minecraft, you need a starter kit, original versions are available from the companion website and more recent versions are available for Windows & Mac OS:

Minecraft version 1.11.2, Raspberry Juice 1.9, Python 2 & 3 compatible - more

Windows PC Starter Kit

Looking for information, inspirations or ideas, check out these Adventures in Minecraft resources:
I have setup an Adventures in Minecraft forum, so that you can discuss your projects, ask for help and get involved.

This section is left intentionally blank, my hope is that we will see this filled in with projects from Adventures in Minecraft readers.  Got a project - put it on the forum.