Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Minecraft: Pi Edition - 2 Games by Nicholas Harris

Nicholas Harris is a regular commenter and reader of the minecraft posts on <Stuff about="code" /> and he let me know that he was working on a program for minecraft, he also agreed to let me include a post about what he has done.   Check out the Minecraft - API Basics comments section for a description of Nicholas's development.

Nicholas has pulled together one mother of a minecraft program which encompasses a load of different games, utilities and building tools.  Including a script to create a horse, characters from the alphabet, a crazy utility which makes you fall through the earth and die, but perhaps most impressively 2 games of his own invention:
  • Arena's starts with you stood in an empty room and the objective is to not fall to your death while the floor beneath you gradually disappears
  • Dodge puts you at one end of a line of furnaces which spew there contents towards you and you have to stay out of the way.
They both show a great deal of originality and thought, not to mention coding skill.

If you fancy trying out Nicholas's program, follow the instructions below to download, setup and run.

Create a directory for the program

mkdir ~/minecraft-nicholas
cd ~/minecraft-nicholas

Download Nicholas's program

Copy the minecraft api python library

cp -r ~/mcpi/api/python/mcpi ~/minecraft-nicholas/minecraft

Start up Minecraft and run Nicholas's program

python ~/minecraft-nicholas/api.py

The program uses a command line interface to start up the games and utilities, so use:
  • /help to give you a list of the commands 
  • /arena to start the arena game 
  • /dodgegame to start the dodge game.

I think its great when people take the initiative and create something cool off their own back and I couldn't be happier that the drivel I write is actually useful to someone! 


  1. Yay!! Thanks Martin. I'm very happy. :D

    1. No worries. Your getting some love on reddit too. www.reddit.com/r/raspberry_pi/comments/1etn02/2_games_arena_dodge_for_minecraft_pi_edition/

    2. Wow!! Thanks a lot Martin!

    3. Wow, I'm getting reblogged!

    4. Recantha's a good guy, he re blogs stuffaboutcode content quite a bit

  2. Hey Martin & Nicolas,
    You inspired me too!! First Martin with the amazing clock, then Nicholas with the arena (I commented on it briefly too). Anyway, I made a little video on how to "Built/program a maze in minecraft", but you'll recognise the techniques I picked up from you guys pretty quickly. I'd like to put the code out there, but I need to create a Github account first. If you guys find the time, take a look and think "yep, I started this :-)".

    1. Perhaps it would have been wise to add the url ....

    2. That's so cool!

      Too bad Blogger doesn't allow editing comments...

  3. I just updated the program HUGELY! I've been working at it day and night (almost literally!). I've updated it with a few new games, and upgrades on the utilities. Just do /help to see all the commands, including the new ones. I also updated the /help page, so it doesn't show ingame the help text. It shows it on the Terminal screen. The download link is still the same:

    1. Nice job! I've made a worldedit mod with a GUI and a command block mod! Oh and btw, the link isn't working :( can u make a link on dropbox or something?

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  5. Nice! He did a great job! Btw did you get my simplechat code? And also the download link isn't working

    1. Yeah, I changed the link. It is now scarabcoder.pancakeapps.com/api.py