Wednesday 15 November 2017

Slack command line stream

I thought a Slack console might be useful, a very simple client I could display on an always on screen, so I did some experimenting with the Slack Developer Kit for Python and made a super simple command line program which streams messages.

It is most definitely a starting point rather than a finished solution, but someone might find it useful.

Setup (assuming you are using a Raspberry Pi / Linux computer, although it will work on Windows as well).

1. Generate a security token for the slack group you want to stream.

2. Create an environment variable SLACK_API_TOKEN and put your security token in it.

Edit /etc/profile adding the export to the bottom:
sudo nano /etc/profile
export SLACK_API_TOKEN=[my super long token]
3. Install slackclient and colorama using pip:
sudo pip3 install colorama
sudo pip3 install slackclient
4. Download the from gist:
5. Run it:


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