Saturday 21 April 2012

Responsive design, Media queries and IE9

Getting media queries working with IE9!

Anyway...  I have had a complete nightmare getting media queries with IE9 and its been something of a battle to get it working...

It all started when I was buying train tickets the other day on and noticed a really great implementation of responsive web design (I'm paraphrasing but one website, different layouts for desktop, mobile, tablet changed dynamically using CSS3 media queries) and I thought I gotta find out how that works.

I created a really simple webpage with a banner, navigation, main content, additional content and footer layout, I then created a CSS to apply a style and typical desktop layout (fixed window, dual column, etc). 

I then created a second CSS which would apply a typical mobile layout (100% width, single column, left justified, key content only).

So responsive design is all about making these transitions in real-time as the environment changed, and this was what I was impressive with on the first great western website, when I re-sized the browser it suddenly started showing a different view; this was my task, make the browser change between these view automatically using CSS3 media queries.

In order to do this I started by splitting my 2 CSS's into 3:
  • base - the styles that where consist amongst the 2 layouts (fonts, colors, etc)
  • desktop layout - the styles which made the page look like a desktop page (floats, text alignment, etc)
  • mobile layout - as above but for mobile
I then changed my html page to use media queries to select the right layout CSS based on screen width.

<link rel="stylesheet" 
    type="text/css" />
<link rel="stylesheet" 
    media="all and (max-width:499px)" />
<link rel="stylesheet" 
    media="all and (min-width:500px)" />

The media queries are really simple and basically say for all media types (screen, print, etc) where the screen width is up to 499px apply the mobile-layout.css and where the screen width is over 500px apply the desktop-layout.css.

Success - I now had a webpage which dynamically changed its layout based on the screen size... As long as I used Chrome or Firefox....  Try as I might I could not get it working in IE; now I already knew media queries only worked in IE9 and that they wouldn't work if the browser was compatibility mode, but I was using IE9 and it wasn't in compatibility mode.  Arghhhh.

It took me a VERY long time to work out what I had done wrong.  To explain, I wrote this prototype on the train to London, using my netbook, which doesn't have a web editor or development environment installed so I hand crafted the code in notepad and opened the files direct in the browser, and I hadn't included a very important line at the top of my html.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

I hadn't told Internet Explorer what type of document it was, and as it was getting the file from the file system, not a webserver its seems it wasn't prepared to decided what it was either; unlike Chrome of Firefox.

So the moral is, always include your doctype as it seem IE is becoming a stickler for standards!

The prototype can be viewed here just open it and try re-sizing the browser.


  1. Missed that one. It actually fixes a few little things that IE otherwise just doesn't do automatically.


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