Wednesday 27 February 2013

Is the ability to code the new super power?

I came across this video from titled "What most schools don't teach", which is a really good endorsement of why its important that people, particularly, children should be given opportunities to learn to code.

Its features a number of 'IT celebrities' (how times of changed - who would have thought the ability to create php website would make you a teen pin-up and role model!), who talk about their experiences in learning to program and how its been influential.

A comment made is that "the ability to code is like a super power", really, wow, check me out, I'm an IT superman.

So I did my research and found a great list of supernatural powers,, and while the list is very extensive (my favorites being pyric exhalation and feral mind), my 'powers' of problem solving, a good understanding of technology, programming and logic with a mediocre knowledge of mathematics don't seem to be listed.

I'm pretty sure I don't get  permission to wear my underwear outside my clothes!

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  1. I found Alan O'Donohoe's video even more inspiring.


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