Thursday 2 April 2015

Autcraft - Autism Awareness Day

2nd April is Autism Awareness Day and on this day Start Duncan tries to get as many people talking about Autism and Bullying. You can read his call to arms on his blog.

Stuart (or AutismFather) runs a really special Minecraft server called Autcraft which is for children with Autism and their families.

He started Autcraft because there were so many Autistic children who where bullied or were excluded on other Minecraft servers, which I really struggle with, so I wanted to create a Minecraft program and a video to support Stuart, Autcraft and Autism Awareness Day.

The animation is all written in Python and a lot of the code is borrowed from some of my other Minecraft projects.

The code to create the diamond block text was taken from my Minecraft twitter client and the leg and boot is created in the same way I create and move around the ships in the Minecraft Starwars animation.

The rest of it is just Monty Python inspire silliness with a very important message "don't stand for bullying".

If you want to take a look at the code or run it yourself -

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