Friday 17 June 2016

Mayhem 2 - an open source cave shooter

I recently ported an abandoned version the classic amiga game, Mayhem, to the Raspberry Pi - I did this exclusively so I could play the game with my friend, Lee, using RetroPie.

Since then myself and Lee, an artist for sumo digital, have been modding the game, adding new levels, features and controls - it now really is Mayhem 2.

Mayhem 2 is available for Windows and Raspberry Pi.

I'm hoping there will be lots more features and changes to the game over the coming months, if anyone has any idea's or would like to contribute it would be great to hear from you.


Mayhem 2 is a multiplayer (2 - 4) flight shooter with a really simple objective - destroy your opponents before they destroy you.

Your ship has limited fuel which will run down when you boost, if you run out you will be unable to control your ship, to refuel, land on any flat surface.

You can protect yourself from attack using your shields which will stop all bullets, be careful though your shields run down quickly and you wont be able to boost while your shields are on.

Power -ups are dropped (sometimes) when a player is destroyed (by either crashing or being shot) and when collected will give you a temporary boost such as a triple-shot weapon, better shields or more thrust.

New levels have been added including new ones with no edges, where you can seamlessly fly across the edge of the map.


Levels 1-3 are the original game levels, all other levels are new to Mayhem 2.

DCA are anti spaceship guns which will fire at the player if they get too close.

Wall collision can be turned off for new players to get used to the controls and playing the game.


Mayhem 2 supports  joystick and keyboard control, joystick controls can be configured via the main menu.

Default joystick controls, assume an "xbox / ps like" joystick:

Stick 1Left / Right
Button 1 (A)Thrust
Button 2 (B)Shield
Button 6 (RB)Fire

If joysticks are connected, they are used as the players controls, if there are less than 4 joysticks connected, keys are used for the rest of the players in order:

2leftrightpad delpad 0pad enter


For windows:

Download the zip file from, open and copy mayhem-master to a folder.

Double click Mayhem2.exe in the mayhem-master folder.

Note - You maybe presented with message saying that the application was stopped from starting as it is unrecognised, click 'more info' and and choose 'run anyway'.

For Raspberry Pi:

Open a terminal and type:
sudo apt-get install liballegro4.4 liballegro4-dev
git clone
Run using:
cd mayhem-pi

The full source code is available on GitHub for Windows and Raspberry Pi.


  1. I would like to use snes joysticks with your game in raspberry pi but the joysticks are not recognized by the program. Is it possible to modify it to support these joystick?

    1. Are you using original SNES joysticks connected to the GPIO or modern USB copies? USB ones, which appear as usual HID devices should work fine.

      I am not doing anything special to recognise the joysticks, the allegro game framework manages all of that.


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