Thursday 3 January 2013

Raspberry Pi - Install Minecraft - leaked pre release

Anyway, I've been waiting for minecraft to appear on the Pi since it was announced in Nov 2012, the api into the game really appeals and I'm really keen to play about with it and I cant believe I didn't know that a pre-release version was leaked.  I was itching to have a go and this is how I installed it:

NOTE - The official release of Minecraft is now available, see this post for how to install Minecraft: Pi Edition

Open LXTerminal from the X desktop

The pre-release was made available for download on dropbox.


tar -zxvf minecraft-pi-0.1.tar.gz?dl=1


cd mcpi

Note - minecraft has to be run directly on the Pi, it wont work from ssh or via a desktop viewer e.g. TightVNC.

Be warned, this pre release version has a number of bugs.

Update - I've been playing around with the Minecraft API and have included a video and source code.


  1. Can you do it over ssh some how like -x?

  2. I dont think so, i tried with tightvnc and even that didnt work. I suspect the bandwidth requirements would be too high and there would be challenges with 3d as well. Dont let me put you off though, have a go, if you get it working let me know.

  3. I got that tar.gz file by usb flash drive and it's on desktop. ((/home/pi/desktop) what ever the location was) How I install it that way?

    1. Modify the extract command to use your file, something like:

      tar -zxvf /home/pi/desktop/minecraft-pi-0.1.tar.gz

      You will have to run it from the alternative different location as well.


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