Tuesday 11 November 2014

Adventures in Minecraft Arrives

I've been working with David Whale (blog.whaleygeek.co.uk) since February writing a book called "Adventures in Minecraft" and today it started arriving through people's doors!

It's a book written especially for 11-15 year old's and its a fun way to not only get into programming using Python but also learn how to do amazing things with Minecraft.

All the adventures, projects and programs in the book work with Minecraft on the PC and Apple Mac as well as Minecraft: Pi Edition on the Raspberry Pi.

I have created a small mini site, including a forum for the readers of the book to come together get support, share ideas and I personally can't wait to see the projects you create.

Its available from Wiley, Amazon (UK, US) and loads of other book stockists.

Minecraft programming experts David Whale and Martin O′Hanlon walk you step–by–step through everything you need to know to:
  • Get started writing Minecraft programs in Python on your PC, Mac, or Raspberry Pi
  • Build houses and other structures in the blink of an eye, and make a 3D duplicating machine
  • Write interactive games like a field that charges you rent, and a treasure hunt using magic vanishing bridges
  • Build custom game control panels using simple electronic circuits
  • Easily build huge 2D and 3D structures such as spheres and pyramids
  • Build intelligent objects like a massive Minecraft clock, and program an alien invasion
  • Plan and write a complete interactive arena game
Using the programming skills you learn from this book, writing Minecraft programs offers endless possibilities to create anything you can imagine.

To make your journey that much easier, the Adventures in Minecraft companion website, wiley.com/go/adventuresinminecraft supplies you with a video for each adventure in the book, downloadable code files, helpful programming reference tables, a bonus adventure, and badges to collect for your Minecraft accomplishments.

Myself and David are really proud of what we have created and think it really is a great way to get into creating your own Minecraft mods, tools and games.

Ria at SilkStream who got a copy of the book early has written up a review.

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