Thursday 13 November 2014

Minecraft: Pi Worksheet

I quite often run workshops about programming Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi either at Raspberry Jam's or Pycon or schools or just about anywhere else you can power on a Pi and if you have attended one of these you will have no doubt used my worksheet.

I have been asked a few times if I can share it, so, I have put the Minecraft: Pi Edition Worksheet on google docs and made it public.  Please feel free to use it, share it, copy it - although a link back is always welcome :)


  1. Martin, thank you for sharing. With my students I have made Latvian translation for this worksheet.

  2. I've updated this document for:

    * New 2015 desktop (IDLE icon is no longer on the desktop; it is named "Python 2" and is found under Menu - Programming)

    * Note use of the TAB key to release the mouse and swtich between Minecraft and IDLE windows

    * Note that Minecraft must be running with Steve in a world for the programs to work

    * Use the backslash \ to indicate line continuation in Python, for word-wrapping (because whitespace and newlines are significant in Python [grrr!], so it's easy to get confused)

    1. Thanks for your feedback, I've just made some changes and I have incorporated a number of your comments.


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